3 Must-Have Items To Upgrade Your Kitchen

From cooking to eating, or cleaning -- the kitchen is where we spend a majority of our time at home. No matter the activity, staying organized is key to enjoying our most frequented and favored spaces on a day-to-day basis.

We want to equip you with the best quality must-haves for your kitchen. These simple products can bring life into your pantry or give you that minimalist feel to a once cluttered countertop.

Free Hanging Kitchen Rack

free hanging rack sold by coal & cove

This nail-free, easy-to-install hanging rack is ideal for hanging mugs when you've just washed the dishes, or want quick access to measuring cups when cooking. Just slide it onto your pantry shelf or cupboard, and voila! You've now freed up space in your kitchen! Starting at $10.00USD, the Free Hanging Kitchen Rack is definitely essential for all kitchens big or small. 

Dry Storage Jars

dry storage jars sold by coal & cove

Have you struggled with finding a place for your grains and spices? Look no more and feast your eyes on our collection of storage jars. Made with bamboo wooden lids and ranging from 8cm to 15cm in height -- these make for perfect storage to keep your dry foods fresh. Protect your cookies from going stale and purchase these Dry Storage Jars starting at $15.00.

Multifunction Utensil Holder

multifunction utensil holder and kitchen tool sold by coal & cove

Want to know how you can dry your utensils without using your hands? Well, look no further than the Multifunction Utensil Organizer. Designed with water drainage at the base, you can place your spoons, forks, and knives in the holder after washing to keep excess water where it belongs: in the sink! Problem solved, your countertop remains organized all while having the important utensils within reach. Starting at $30.00, make this the product your kitchen can't resist!

When upgrading your kitchen, you want to think pretty but practical. Because in the end, a little more for your home is always little more for you.