Fall Home Trends 2021

Fall is one of our favourite seasons of the year—what’s not to love about the changing colors of leaves, Fall fashions, sweater weather, and seasonal favorites such as apple cider, hot cocoa, and pumpkin spice latte. 

Fall also means a time for change around the house. We’ve made a list of the best Fall home trends for 2021. 

1. Layers of Texture

Add depth and visual interest to your living space by adding texture. Without texture, the appeal of your home can feel flat. Mix it up by adding different textures through architectural elements, furniture, decor, textiles, flooring and walls. 

How to apply:

If you have a leather sofa, pair it with cozy throw pillows made of rough linen, tweed, or velvet, creating a contrast in material. If your carpeting is a solid color, consider placing a patterned area rug with multiple shades. Plain bedsheets or pillow covers should be complemented with a thick duvet or blanket that provides a contrast in color or texture

modern living room with earthy tones and texture

2. Earthy Tones and Organic Accents

With colder months ahead, staying indoors is commonplace, so it only makes sense to bring a more natural color palette inside your home. Earthy tones will fit right in with your neutrals, so feel free to try different looks for each room.

How to apply:

Keep an eye out for earthy colored decor or fabric that would make great accents to your home. Shades of olive green or burnt orange are popular choices for a bolder look while walnut brown or charcoal grey are more subtle in nature. Organic accents means more than just indoor plants and cacti, consider spicing things up this Fall with ornamental pumpkins, squash or gourd.

3. Rattan (Wicker) Items

You often see the terms used interchangeably, however rattan is the material and wicker is the weave style. Wicker baskets have been widely popular for a while now, but this elegant style of weaving is spread to other items such as chairs, end tables, and light fixtures. 

How to apply: 

Use wicker baskets of different shapes and sizes to organize your goods around the house. If you’re looking for a statement piece for your room, consider buying a rattan lampshade or light fixture. 

modern farmhouse bedroom with rattan light fixture

4. Organic Candles

Create a cozier home with mood lighting and pleasant aromas. Ditch the paraffin and gel candles and go all-natural with soy or beeswax candles.

How to apply:  

Experiment with different scents that appeal to you. Avoid overly fragrant candles in case family members or guests find the scent overwhelming. To maximize candle lighting, place them near mirrors or reflective surfaces. 

5. Modern Farmhouse

This rustic classic interior design style is back with a contemporary twist. While still focusing on functionality, practicality, and simplicity, modern farmhouse brings a little more style by using more refined materials and decor. 

How to apply:

Invest in stainless steel appliances but choose natural materials and neutral colors for furniture. Paint over your wood grain cabinets with a solid color while adding metal handles. Line your raw wood dining table with modern chairs. Changing to large industrial lighting will really bring out the modern farmhouse look. 

modern farmhouse kitchen with industrial lights and stone counters

6. Japandi

If your house doesn’t suit the modern farmhouse look, consider Japandi, which fuses the smooth, modern look of Scandinavian design with the Japanese minimalist aesthetic

How to apply:

Quality over quantity is everything in Japandi—declutter your home by removing any unnecessary items that you don’t use or need. Replace them with simple, quality craftsmanship items that serve a purpose or function. Embrace empty space and use neutral or muted colors to give your home a light and airy atmosphere.