How To Create The Space For The Life You Want

Life and where we are at any given moment is often a reflection of the emotional and physical influences that consciously or unconsciously make their way into everyday life and decision making. We've often heard about how our life at home has a gross effect on our well-being. Whether we live in clutter or clarity, we are the product of our environment.

By making simple changes to our surroundings we can create the life we want.

coworking space with open concept and natural lighting

Structure & Rituals

Our ability to self-lead is predicated on how we take care of ourselves. By creating nurturing, welcoming spaces we become proponents of our success. A home upheld by routine and structure, can ultimately strive as a domain for personal rituals, where we can operate as the best selves. For example, a clear, organized desk allows for more productivity. Many corporate offices have adopted an open concept to interior design to reinforce collaboration and free flowing creativity. Essentially, planning and designing your space for a desired outcome. The best way to steward one's life is to begin with home. Mastery of your environment will soon manifest into mastery of yourself and your purpose.

creative space with paint splashes all over

Identity & Authenticity

Our identity is tied to the places where we spend our time, the memories we have, the milestones of our journey. It is an expression of who we are; and to live authentically is to live free on our own terms -- including where and how we create.

Creating the life you want is dictated by and large what you do to, and within your present surroundings. Think of your goals, then visualize and answer the following: are your tools and supplies well-organized? Do you have easy access to them? Do you have a room or studio that frees you to concentrate? Could you paint without distraction? Ensuring your workplace is congruent with who you see yourself as will set you on a path of creative success.

Community & Relationships

The concept of refining your surroundings can extend beyond physical objects and spaces. Relationships are another component to our surroundings and  contribute to our social and emotional well-being. In life, we are as much connected to where we are, as we are connected to who we spend time with. Inspiration lives in people.

A painter for example, would not only have honed their craft through the study of other artists before them, but also gain from meeting other like-minded individuals. They can expand their creativity through direct collaboration or knowledge sharing. Iron sharpens iron; and new environments bring new perspectives.

home office with green walls and contemporary interior design

Start With Where You Are

Creating and finding new spaces is compulsory to personal development and success. By choosing where you want to be, what you do once there, and who you do it with -- your life will unfold before you at your will.