How To Declutter & Rediscover Your Home

Are you feeling bored with your current home aesthetic? Tired of looking at the same decorations? Hoping to liven things up at home? Then it sounds like you could use a change of scenery which you can accomplish with a simple solution: decluttering.

Recognizing Attachment to Material Objects

When it comes to decluttering, consider it an act of love toward your home. The ritual of cleaning and organizing your living space grants you the opportunity to re-evaluate your relationship with every product you buy, own, and consume. Learning to separate yourself from material objects is a great way to develop an individual appreciation for each and every purchase you bring into your home.

When deciding to rid your space of certain items, ask yourself these questions:

  • Why did I purchase this item?
  • Was it purchased out of necessity?
  • Do I still want or need this item today?
  • Can I afford to keep it?

This is not to judge, guilt or shame your own purchasing habits, but to bring awareness to your current lifestyle and living space, and making the necessary improvements. The intent is to seek joy in the items you keep; ultimately discerning between what you truly need, and truly need to part ways with. This will help refine your approach to maintaining your home, whether it is bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen.

Inject New Life into Your Living Space

Freeing up your space and tossing out items you no longer need means you will essentially have less items to manage and think about. More physical space can effectively give you more mental space. What does this mean for you? Well, now you can truly embrace a more elevated living experience at home, along with the finer details of the items you do own and use every day.

Looking at your home with fresh eyes and a newfound energy is how you rediscover your love for it!