Perfecting the Neutral Home

In recent years, neutral colors in interior design have made a comeback in a big way. Rather than dull and boring hues, add contrast with bold accents and bright tones to liven up your home. Whether you’re renovating your home, adding a fresh coat of paint, or just redecorating, here are some useful tips for perfecting your neutral home. 

Function Before Aesthetic

When people think about renovating or decorating their living space, they often focus on the aesthetic and may forget about form and function. Think about the purpose of each room, how it's used, and what you do in it. For example, common areas such the kitchen, dining room, and living room are places that people gather and socialize, whereas the bedroom is often a place you go to rest and recharge. These rooms serve vastly different purposes and should be considered when deciding on a theme or aesthetic. 

Neutral Backdrop

Neutral colors can be paired with anything (including other neutrals), so having neutral walls is a simple way to allow versatility when creating your desired aesthetic. The most common colors for walls are varying shades of gray or beige (our favorites are Morning Fog and Sundew). Lighter shades are more popular due their ability to reflect more light, making the room look brighter, especially under natural lighting. Don’t let this deter you from choosing darker neutral tones though (like Cyberspace), when done right, the outcome is just as appealing.

neutral living room with shades of brown throughout home

Contrasting Accents

You’ll often see photos of neutral homes that have too many matching elements in their theme. While it may look great in the photo, seeing the same color and shades everyday would make the living space seem flat and boring. Spice it up by adding contrasting neutrals that highlight certain aspects of the room, such as your bed, sofa, or drawer. These items tend to be larger in order to draw attention.

Splashes of Color

A neutral home doesn’t have to have only neutral colors, liven things up with splashes of color throughout your living space. If you’re feeling bold, add a larger statement piece such as a sofa chair or wall art. For more subtle but appealing touches, add color to your living space through rugs, throw pillows, blankets, and smaller art prints. Another great way to add color is through indoor house plants, lush greenery is sure to brighten up any room. Our previous blog post talks about how art, color, and indoor plants help stimulate creativity. 

neutral living room with modern design and splashes of color

Perfecting Your Neutral Home 

So whether you’re looking to renovate or redecorate your home, going with a neutral look is a way to make your home more appealing. Remember to think about the functions of your room before choosing your neutral backdrop and color scheme. Add contrasting neutrals on your larger pieces of furniture and hints of color for smaller items throughout the room to brighten things up. Neutrals can be paired with a wide range of colors and shades, so you can change up your look from time to time to keep things fresh.