Seasonal Organization: Fall

September is here, that means you have a whole month to clean and organize your home before things start getting spooky in October. With the change in season, there are a few things you can do to help make your living space more comfortable for cooler weather. 

Wardrobe Rotation

Cooler weather means warmer clothing. Time to stash away your thin fabrics and summer wear and bring out your long sleeves and layers. Switching up your wardrobe rotation each season allows you to keep your closet decluttered, making it easier to pick out your outfits as well as making room for new Fall fashion. 

For storage, place your off-season clothes in clear storage boxes and organize them by season or clothing category; label the box for easy identification. Tuck these storage boxes in the back of your closet or on top of your closet shelf. For clothes that have to be hung, hang them closer to the sides of your closet and have your Fall attire near the middle for easy accessibility. 

Use your seasonal wardrobe rotation as an opportunity to clear out old clothes that you don’t wear or have fallen out of style (donate them, don’t throw them away). If you’re looking to become more minimalist, remove one to two items for every new clothing purchase you make. 

fall fashion with neutral clothes hanging from clothes rack

Kitchen Clean Up

Fresh fruits and vegetables just don’t taste as good when they’re not in season. Colder weather means less salad and more hearty soups. While a season change doesn’t exactly call for a complete overhaul of the kitchen, subtle changes can be made to help with your cooking routines.

The best place to start is your fridge and freezer. Start by clearing out your entire fridge and freezer in order to do a thorough deep clean. Use hot, soapy water and wipe down the entire unit, follow up with clean water to rinse off the soap. Clearing out your fridge and freezer also allows you to check your inventory—dispose of expired foods and old items that you don’t plan on using such as old condiments and sauces. Use up the rest of your summer seasonal ingredients in order to make way for Fall harvest goodies.

Organize your drawers and pantry by sorting your dry goods based on category, keep your most commonly used items at eye level for easier access. For more organized storage and identification, remove all your spices from their packages and store them in clear dry storage jars—label everything! Consider using wire racks or shelves and baskets for more space and organization. 

organized kitchen pantry with spices and dry goods on shelves

Deep Clean Home

As the temperature drops, there’s no doubt you’ll be spending more time indoors as well as entertaining guests inside your home. Fall is a great time to deep clean your home to prepare a healthier and more comfortable living space for the colder months to come.

There are tons of cleaning tasks that can be done to freshen up your home. There’s a great debate about whether you should vacuum or dust first—personally, I vacuum first, but there’s a good argument for both options. After these two, mop your floors (including the areas under your furniture and appliances). Remember to wash your windows and window sills, as a lot of dust and grime has built up around these areas. Make sure to open your windows to air out your living space as well as changing your HVAC filter in order to maintain a healthy home. 

You can sanitize your home by wiping everything down with disinfectant wipes, from countertops, coffee tables, and baseboards to your door handles, light switches, and other high touch areas. Once the majority of the cleaning is complete, wash your bedsheets, pillow covers, blankets, and throws.