Simplify Your Home With Our Latest Fall Season Collection

As the fall season begins, we wind down into the cozier side of the year where many of us will be seeking comfort in the warmth and beauty of our homes. So why not take this opportunity to start your holiday shopping early and spruce up your living space?

In this blog post we will showcase a few our latest products from our Fall Collection as part of our Fall Sale where you can take advantage of the discount code “FALL15” to get 15% off and free shipping on all orders above $50USD until November 14, 2021.

Rattan Coaster Set

Beautify your table with our Rattan Coaster Set! Preserve the surface quality of your tables with this versatile set that can double as a drink coaster or a place mat. The rattan material design is reinforced with precision weaving to ensure anti-scalding and heat resistance when serving and carrying food and drinks, making it a durable and long-lasting addition to any table. Lastly, it comes equipped with a storage unit in which can place the coaster set to minimize table clutter when not in use. Available in 8cm, 10cm, and 13cm diameter sizes, you can own the Rattan Coaster Set today starting at $20USD.

Ceramic Tea Mug with Infuser

Upgrade your tea drinking experience as you stay warm this fall with our Ceramic Tea Mug with Infuser. Available in brown and black colors, these mugs are designed with a Japanese minimalist approach, and features a solid secure handle that allows for easy portability around your or office. The ceramic material finish makes it simple to clean and wash. Holding up to 300ML, it also comes with a removable infuser to steep your tea leaves and keep your tea warm, making it a perfect way to start your morning routine. Starting at $40USD the Ceramic Tea Mug is every tea drinker’s delight!

Linen Storage Basket

Are you looking for ways to create more space with less? Available in small, medium or large sizes, our Linen Storage Basket can be placed anywhere at home. The attached ropes on either side allow for easy reorganizing and portability. Made with a modern collapsible design, it works perfect as a storage basket for shelving or on the floor and can be quickly put away when not in use. Visualize using it for living room organization for magazines, books, and remotes; or use it as a simple closet bin for small item storage. You can also coordinate by color as our baskets are available in beige, brown, grey and pink, making it suitable for any room design. Starting at $15USD the Linen Storage Basket is ideal for any storage organization, and complementary to any living space!