Christmas Decor Trends 2021

There’s always been a great debate about when you should start your holiday decorating. Some people make the switch immediately after Halloween while others wait until after Thanksgiving to start Christmas decorating. Personally, I think mid-November is the perfect time to transition into the holiday spirit. Here’s the latest scoop on the top Christmas decor trends of 2021.

1. Embrace the Natural

Bring a bit of nature back into your home this holiday season with more than just a fir or pine for the Christmas tree. Find twigs, branches, pine cones, bark, and other natural materials to create your own Christmas wreath. Decorate it with ornaments, faux red berries, and a ribbon to complete the look. Get creative with your home decor, centrepieces, and coffee table decor by embracing natural materials into your home this holiday season. 

christmas themed centrepiece on dining table with natural materials

2. Earthy Tones with a touch of Gold and Silver

As mentioned in our Fall Home Trends article, earthy tones continue to be a popular palette this year. Mix and match with light and dark tones to create texture and contrast in your home. Make your decor stand out by adding silver accents or gold trim—be careful not to go overboard, as these pieces are only meant to be small details that enhance the overall aesthetic, not take it over

3. Go LED with Lighting

There are many benefits of LED lighting over traditional incandescent lights, such as being eco-friendly (recyclable), energy efficiency, durability, and lower maintenance overall. The fact that LEDs don’t emit heat even after long hours makes it a safer, more family-friendly option. Although they have few bulbs per string light, they are still bright enough to light up your home for the holidays. Go with the warm white or the classic multi-color LED lights this Christmas season.

christmas led lights on christmas tree with red ornaments

4. Classic Nostalgia

Bring back some of the Christmas classics from when you were young. Lots of red and green, named stockings, ceramic Christmas trees, tinsel and garland, gingerbread houses, and lame presents given before real gifts (just to see the reaction). Celebrate Christmas nostalgia with loved ones, the trip down memory lane will be something to cherish.

5. Candles

Candles have risen in popularity over the years, with tons of new scents as well as timeless classics. Light some candles to make your home smell like the holidays. You can never go wrong with common holiday scents such as cedar, fir, cinnamon, vanilla, chestnut, pecan, baked goods, or orange with cloves.