Get Back To Basics With These Home Office Essentials

As many of us continue virtual schooling and working from home, remaining organized is essential to our productivity. You’ve purchased new office supplies but where are you going to store them? In this blog we want to keep things simple and go back to the basics with storage organization, whether at your desk, closet, or home office.

Desktop Organizer

Working with less on your desk means less on your mind. Buy the Desktop Organizer to keep your workspace tidy. This neat organizer features a retractable book stand and a small pull-out drawer for easy quick storage of office supplies like a stapler, scissors, or a notebook. Starting at just $30USD the Desktop Organizer is the right choice for any desk or work area.

Stationery Organizer

Minimalist in color and design – the Stationery Organizer is perfect for smaller spaces and desks with limited surface area. Store your pens and pencils at arm’s reach when doing your daily tasks. Available dual-color designs include white/grey, green teal, pink/salmon and blue/yellow. Starting at as low as $15USD, the Stationery Organizer can be purchased in multiple pen holder, organizer, or tray sizes.

Table Organizer

Store multiple items in one spot without sacrificing space – look no further than the Table Organizer. Built with wooden dividers, it offers versatile storage allowing you to separate your items into one large holder, two medium compartments, or five smaller compartments. Useful for all rooms in your home including living rooms, bedrooms, and office spaces. Starting at $25USD this is the ideal product for organization around the home.