Organize Your Home for Easy Living

Are you finding it challenging to make improvements to your lifestyle? Seeking that big change or breakthrough? According to the Pareto Principle, 80% of our results are influenced by 20% of our efforts. Want to simplify your life? Start with optimizing your living space.

In this blog, we’ll highlight actions you can take to adopt a minimalist approach to your life, reengineering the way you live for the better.

Reorganize Your Space

Begin with reorganizing your living space. Take inventory of your furniture of the rooms you spend the most time within your home and visualize your ideal setup. Could your bed be moved further away from the bedroom door? Or perhaps that coffee table is better suited in the center of your living room than next to the couch? By taking a second to reimagine your home you can make the necessary improvements to either move or replace furniture, and further reorganize more toward your ideal setup.

Clean Surfaces for Clarity

Less is truly more with minimalism; and the less dirt, dust, and clutter in your space, the more peace of mind you allow yourself to have. It is often said that our environment reflects our mind state. A cluttered desk brings cluttered thoughts. Start simple by clearing your desk, scrubbing your sink, or sweeping your room floors. The little details count. In many cases establishing a solid cleaning routine is the perfect way to simplify your life and enjoy your living space.

Toss Old or Unused Items

Once you’ve gone through visualizing how you want your rooms to look, you will likely think of some decorations, or accessories, that no longer belong in your new ideal living space. Out with the old, in the with the new. Getting rid of junk is a great strategy to shift yourself into a more minimalist lifestyle as it gives you the opportunity to focus on only the material possessions you truly need. Research for thrift stores or local charities in your area for donation pickup and drop off services. Or simply gather all your items and schedule to toss them out on your neighborhood garbage day or recycling day.